Girls Lacrosse (9-14yrs)

2024 Season Highlights

THIS YEAR, WE ARE FIELDING 8U COED*, AS WELL AS BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS 10U, 12U AND 14U TEAMS. See Age Range Groupings below for birthdates.

SIBLING DISCOUNT If you have multiple children playing in Sacramento Lacrosse, you are entitled to a discount. $50.00 off for first sibling (two players), additional $25.00 off or total $75.00 for three players. Please reach out to for a custom discount code before beginning registration.

* 8U Register using the 8U COED Program Registration

High School Team may be formed depending on interest.

Gear Bags

Sacramento Lacrosse Logo Gear Bag available for purchase during registration. Personalized with Player name. Girls Lacrosse Backpack $56

Before you Register


Create a free Crossbar account or login to your Crossbar. Select Sign Up/Login option at top left of this webpage.


Players must have a valid USA Lacrosse membership for the season (through 5/25/24).

USA Lacrosse Membership (youth $35 per player). Each player must have their own membership #.

Existing USA Lacrosse members go to USA Lacrosse Account to lookup membership # or status or click link below to lookup.

Return to Sacramento Lacrosse Program to Register your player for the Season.

If you have any questions ahead of registration contact Registrar.



Sacramento Lacrosse is adopting a 15 month age range for teams. Summer birthdates June-August may overlap to encourage participation with the player's class.

  • 8U* 1st-2nd Grade (Age 6-8) Birthdates: 6/1/2015 - 8/31/18
  • 10U 3rd-4th Grade (Age 9-10) Birthdates: 6/1/2013 - 8/31/2015
  • 12U 5th-6th Grade (Age 11-12) Birthdates: 6/1/2011 - 8/31/2013
  • 14U 7th-8th Grade (Age 13-14) Birthdates: 6/1/2009 - 8/31/2011

What if a player is eligible for two age-groupings?

If a player has a summer birthday that allows them to play in two different age groupings, it is recommended that they compete with their graduation year class. This is best for player development and they will eventually be grouped with those players as they get older.

Are players allowed to play up?

Yes, players are allowed to play in an older age group if they so choose. This is a decision made jointly between the player, the player’s parents and the club program. 

For any questions about eligibility for age-groupings please contact

*8U Kinder - 2nd grade girls (Ages 6-8) register for the 8U COED Program



Sacramento Lacrosse supports youth ages 6-14.

  • 8U 1st-2nd Grade (Age 6-8)*
  • 10U 3rd-4th Grade (Age 9-10)
  • 12U 5th-6th Grade (Age 11-12)
  • 14U 7th-8th Grade (Age 13-14)

High School Team may be formed depending on interest.



Sacramento Lacrosse Spring Season runs Feb 1st to the 3rd weekend in May.


We support clinics and outreach programs in the off season to grow the game in our local communities.



Practice locations are Thomas Edison Language Institute and Umoja International Academy.


Home games held at Encina High School turf field. Away games held at various locations throughout the Sacramento Metro Region.

Local parks and schools may be used for practice/games as supported by community and coach participation.



Teams practice twice a week at the discretion of the coaches.

Typical schedules are M/W or Tu/Th.


12U and 14U typically play 12 regular season games.

10U Teams play between 10-12 regular season games.

8U Coed teams have a shorter season with games scheduled at coach preference.

Jerseys / Uniform

The cost of uniforms are in addition to registration.

Sacramento Lacrosse works hard to keep additional costs down, including uniforms.

2024 Uniform Jerseys and Shorts are the same as 2023 - the 2024 Shooter Shirt has been updated.

All New 10U-14U Players will need a full uniform purchased during registration Jersey, Shorts, Shooter Shirt. $55

Returning Players can optionally purchase a full uniform $55 or use their 2023 Jersey and Shorts/Skirt and purchase Shooter Shirt Only $15.

Extra Costs

Minimal equipment is required in girls’ and women’s lacrosse due to its non-contact nature. A stick, mouthguard and protective eyewear are the only required items for most players. Headgear and close fitting gloves are optional for field players. Goalies are also required to wear a helmet with face mask, a separate throat protector, padded gloves and a chest protector.

Sacramento Lacrosse has some limited used donated equipment available for loan but not enough for all players.

If there are additional tournaments outside of the normal season, an additional fee may be applied.

Spring 2024

GiRLS REGIstration



Girls 7-8 YRS, 1ST-2ND GRADES Register for the COED 8U Program $100

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