Refer a Friend Program

Refer a friend
 and receive a $20 rebate on your Sacramento Lacrosse Club registration fee for each referral!


Please see Refer a Friend Program Terms and Conditions below:
Terms and Conditions

  • Payments made for qualified friend referrals only:
    • Referred friends must not be current or prior Sacramento Lacrosse Club players, or siblings of current or past Sacramento Lacrosse Club players.
    • Referred friends must register and pay their registration fee.  If a new player pays their registration fee but receives a full or partial refund for any reason, they will not be considered a qualified referral.
    • Sacramento Lacrosse Club will determine, in its sole discretion, if new players are qualified referrals.
  • General Conditions
    • Referred friends may be experienced or first time lacrosse players.
    • Referral payments will be available only to current Sacramento Lacrosse Club players who will participate in the upcoming season in which the referred friend will also be playing.
    • Payments will be made to referring parties upon determination of a qualified referral and within 30 days after the close of all registration fee refund periods, if any.
    • Referring parties must pay the full amount of their own registration fee and not deduct potential Refer a Friend Program sums.
    • There will be no limit on the number of qualified referrals.
    • New referred players will identify in writing to Sacramento Lacrosse Club who referred them.  (There is a question included in the online registration process for this).  If there is more than one referring party, payment will be split evenly between the parties identified by the new player.