We just want to remind you that Lacrosse Fanatic has a full selection of gear for any age and experience level. They carry all of the top brands, at great prices (as good or better as any price you'll find on the internet). They also constantly have sales, bundle deals and tons of close-out buys on previous year's models. 

Please support our local store by checking with them first. We doubt you'd have any reason to shop anywhere else. 




Remember: Mention our team’s discount code gosacstingers! at checkout so you can save 10% off your online or instore purchase all season long. This puts their prices on the newest gear below any other online store.


Lacrosse Fanatic is staffed with lacrosse players and coaches who never upsell and will work within any budget. They believe in long term relationships with customers who trust them.


You can use your Team Discount Code ANY TIME online or in the store throughout the season ! Lacrosse Fanatic has created a team page specifically for our team, full of coach's reccomendations on gear for the season.


Log In Using Our Team Discount Code Here